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    3PL Services

    3PL or third-party logistics service providers offer impeccable logistics services to businesses like distribution management, contract warehousing, freight management, freight consolidation, and delivery.Third party logistics services include transportation/ warehouse/ forwarder/ shipper/ financial/ and information based logistics services.

    These 3PL are outsourced at different levels like strategic, tactical, and transactional. There are also supplementary services provided like inventory management, IT system integration, reporting, data exchange, reverse logistics, and more.

    Bravo Logistics offers the best third-party logistics services that can be leveraged in the medical equipment or device industry, where a precise delivery process is important and inventory tracked across different locations.

    This is where 3PL services of Bravo Logistics come in, where deliveries are done seamlessly from the point of distribution to the point of delivery.

    We also minimize the costs by consolidation deliveries and speed up the delivery process for important or high-in-value medical equipment. We also reduce the need for physical auditing through precise inventory management and reversing the logistics. Companies with field service operations can make the most from 3PL service providers like Bravo Logistics.

    We create a better database for the highest ordered items and then manage inventory to meet the requirements. There is a higher amount of customer satisfaction when the requirement is met immediately without any hassle.Bravo Logistics handles different aspects of the supply chain by focusing on daily operations.

    If you think your company has a difficult supply chain to manage and is not meeting customers’ needs, requirements or expectations, then 3PL service providers are the solution, since they offer innovative management solutions for your supply chain.

    We at Bravo Logistics offer the best third-party logistics services for tactical and strategic business solutions.


    Up scaling your business through Bravo’s third-party logistic services has many benefits:

    • Best customer relation: In the past 15 years, we have established a record of good relations with the customers.
    • Infrastructure: Unlike many other companies, we own many trucks and have the best infrastructure to provide best logistics solutions. We also own huge warehouses at the ports where logistics requirements are handled efficiently.
    • Strategy and decision-making process: We have our own planned strategy and professional resources to take decisions quicker than our competitors.

    • Technological expertise: We have expert technological solutions with links to TBS. We also have the policy of covering the losses of goods when in transit.

    Better My Supply Chain Management Now!

    Speed up your supply chain management process now through Bravo Logistics impeccable 3PL services.



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