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    Cold Storage

    New technologies have emerged rapidly where perishable or fresh foods can be transported from one side of the world to another without risking food damage. Temperature cold containers make it easy to transport perishable foods.

    Apart from refrigerator transportation, there are also significant aspects of cold chain logistics, i.e., cold storage and refrigerator warehousing that offer temperature-controlled warehousing to flowers, plants, perishable foods, artwork, and biopharmaceutical products.

    Perishable products require cold storage services; we at Bravo Logistics offer the best services for cold storage. We have an international network connected to Asia, Europe, Africa, and other countries and big warehouses at the ports to tackle cold storage requirements.

    It makes it easy for us as we are a company based in Tanzania with almost two decades of experience and know the local market, its people, and its business, and we share a good relationship with the locals of the country.

    At Bravo Logistics, we have our CFA and complete access to ICB for imports and exports. We have a swifter decision-making process to offer the best customizable cargo and transport solutions to our customers.

    Our cold storage facility is installed with advanced machines to maintain total hygiene. With cutting edge tools and pristine cubicles, we retain perishable goods precisely from procurement to provision.

    With years of experience in storing temperature-controlled products and transporting them seamlessly to the end customer, we at Bravo Logistics are committed to offering the best cold storage services.


    Cold storage solutions have been devised in business plans to extend the life span of essential perishable items. Making it an integral part of your business through Bravo Logistics has many advantages because we offer:

    • Flexibility: For any type of business, we offer precise cold storage rooms that are custom-made according to the clients' business needs.
    • Cost-Effective: The main benefit of cold storage is preventing businesses from losing sales value, since perishable goods have a longer life expectancy. We at Bravo Logistics store perishable goods in the right place so that business sales value is on a hike all the time. 

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