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    Consolidation is all about combining cargo of many consignees into one and then preparing it for shipment. It is inclusive of air, sea, and road freight.

    The consolidation services mainly include cargo transportation towards the stuffing point, stuffing the cargo into a container, processing the shipping documents for customs, and then preparing it for delivery.

    This can reduce the expenses since smaller goods are combined into one for one-time transport. There is also optimization in supply chain logistics since there is a reduction in cost and proper time usage.

    We at Bravo Logistics offer the best consolidation services for smaller shipments that need packaging and shipping to be done in one container.

    Bravo Logistics help with the consolidation into one sole shipment when shipments arrive from different locations and diverse suppliers. Different consolidation services offered by Bravo Logistics are:

    1. Air: Bravo Logistics Airfreight consolidation is regarded as quickly where the cargo is transported to the designated destination as promptly as possible. 
    2. Ground: For this type, Less Than Container Load (LCL) shipment is called as LTL shipment. Since these types of shipments are minimal to fill up an entire truckload, Bravo Logistics consolidates it with other loads to fill up the truckload. Bravo Logistics further offers very cost-effective ground shipping services. 
    3. Ocean: Bravo Logistics offers ocean freight services shipped with containers of different sizes, and the LCL cargo is spread in these containers. Ocean transportation is one of the best methods for international shipping and is also inexpensive. 

    Bravo Logistics have strategically placed terminals worldwide, where we also provide cargo handling and warehousing services.


    Bravo Logistics consolidation services offer time and cost benefits like:

    • Faster delivery: With Bravo Logistics cargo consolidation, there is faster delivery since transportation will not have multiple stops. If there is cross-country transportation, it might take up to 6 days, but the delivery time can speed up to 3 to 4 days with the help of consolidation.
    • Eco-friendly: Rather than sharing multiple cargo ships and planes, only one ship or aircraft is used through Bravo Logistics consolidation services, resulting in less pollution or carbon emission.
    • Transparency: When clients opt for consolidation services through Bravo Logistics, there is precise real-time visibility of goods' location. Clients get notified about the delivery of goods or products.


    With assurance that all types of packages no matter the size nor destination, shall be consolidated and delivered hassle free



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