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    Your mining projects are up for a seamless ride with our special logistic services for the mining industry, like importing machinery and exportation of minerals. There are also storage and transport solutions for your projects. We help import heavy equipment and machinery seamlessly and even help design supply chain logistics inclusive of transportation of minerals.

    We structure strong coordination with the mineral exporters for better transport and logistics services as loading materials from the mine, transporting to end customer, warehousing services for storage, and better managing minerals. One of the many logistic solutions includes inbound logistics, where there is flatbed transportation of the mining consumables.

    We also offer outbound solutions inclusive of transport facilities, stockpiles management, and internal transportation at the mines.Bravo Logistics offers more than just transportation, which includes confirmation of delivery automation and management. We aim to leverage the ease of rail and road transport with different modes of solutions.

    There are various services offered by Bravo Logistics like storage, where we offer the storage of goods in bonded warehouses and general warehouses either for re-export or distribution, and there are other services provided, like mineral packaging and stock control.

    Multimodal transport is also offered where there is international air freight for quicker delivery of necessary export and imports through various airlines. International sea freight is also another mode of contracting with the shipping lines, mandatory receipt at the destination, and real-time monitoring services.

    There are consolidation and deconsolidation services offered in the bonded warehouses, where a strict eye is kept on the minerals handled.We have an unrivaled form of service capability in the transport system with several years of experience in offering impeccable logistics to the mining industry worldwide.


    Mining companies often face logistic challenges that are not only complex but also unique. This is when we at Bravo Logistics offer unique targeted solutions for improvement in service levels and reduce operating costs. With Bravo Logistics, you can focus on other important initiatives to take your company forward. 
    The advantages of choosing Bravo Logistics for your mining company’s logistic management includes; 

    • Reliability: We at Bravo Logistics are reliable in our approach because we effortlessly solve any complicated logistic hurdle
    • Flexibility: We adapt to any environment where we also manage any uncertainty seamlessly
    • Tech-oriented: Bravo Logistics optimally uses innovative solutions to solve any logistic problem
    • Better Decision-making process: We are steadfast in making decisions because of our decades of experience in the market
    • Better policies: We have the policy of goods in transit coverage where we bear the losses in case goods are lost in transit. 


    Bravo offers sophisticated solutions to for the most complex requirements so as to realize optimal project success



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