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    Ocean Logistics

    Ocean freight is one of the most common types of transportation for import and export. Almost 90% of the goods are transported all over the world through ocean logistics. Ocean freight shipping is container freight transportation of the cargo, which is done through shipping lines.

    In ocean logistics shipping, from the point of origin to the port of destination, the itinerary can be done in many ways, i.e., from door to door, port to port, port to door, door to port, where there can also be pick-up and delivery services provided.

    If you are looking for the best ocean shipping service, then we at Bravo Logistics offer state-of-the-art ocean logistics services, including ocean logistics tracking and much more.

    Being in the transportation and logistics market for more than 15 years, we deliver solutions as promised using the latest innovative technology and international network for products to arrive at the right place and at the right time.

    We have experienced global sea freight specialists who provide seamless shipping connections to meet transport requirements with ease. Be it big or small, we handle any ocean logistics requirement without any hassle.

    We offer real-time visibility of the entire logistics process with the help of a cutting-edge tracking system where the client is well-versed with the whereabouts of their goods. Through GBS, products’ visibility is more transparent so that assets can be tracked and managed more efficiently.

    We also have the policy of coverage of GIT, i.e., Goods In Transit, wherein case there is any loss faced in transit, then Bravo Logistics will bear the entire loss.


    Completing your ocean logistics shipping through Bravo Logistics has a lot of advantages like:

    • Trusted logistics partner: We have connections with a trusted third-party logistics partner to offer pre-eminent services
    • Planned strategy: We have our own, well-planned strategy with customized solutions related to the resources
    • Vast industry coverage: We cover various industries like agriculture, forestry, manufacturing, mining, and perishables, where we handle all cargos.
    • Knowledge of the local area: Our Company is based in Tanzania where we have the best experience of the local markets, the business, its people and much more. We also have a good relationship with the locals of the country.

    Your Ocean freight is just one step away

    Receive the best of ocean logistic services through Bravo Logistics now!



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