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    Presently, every business needs a single-source service provider of warehousing, storage, fulfillment, and distribution in various industries like automotive, high-tech, pharmaceuticals, health care, retail, and e-commerce.

    The type of warehouse space selected has a significant impact on businesses, and it improves the ability to satiate customers’ requirements. For this reason, giving considerable thought to the type of warehouse for business is imperative.

    Bravo Logistics is a perfect fit for any business where we help instill customer’s confidence and trust required for sensitive cargo storage and provide high-value service. Our warehousing space spans over 10,000 sqm, which is in 3 ICDs in Dar es Salaam. Assisting our clients with state-of-the-art dedicated warehousing facilities.

    Bravo Logistics, with almost 2-decades old-experience in Tanzania, offers impeccable cargo services that require diverse handling needs. Also providing lashing and stripping additional warehousing services to meet client requisites.

    We offer end-to-end supply chain solutions to industries like forestry, agriculture, manufacturing, and mining. We at Bravo Logistics have experienced personnel who offer inspiring solutions that surpass traditional limits; our experts ensure the right solution for business warehousing at every step.

    Own a business in any industry – automotive, agriculture, mining, or any other, we at Bravo Logistics offer all warehousing solutions. We are one of the world’s leading logistics providers, where we understand the rapidly changing market.

    Therefore, offering flexible and effective solutions and further go along with the ever-changing market conditions.


    Warehouse storage services offered by Bravo Logistics help business in the most effective ways, like:

    1. Better distribution and storage practice
    2. Vast value-added services like repacking, relabeling, serialization, and postponement
    3. Expert knowledge in regulation, legislation, regulatory compliance, and licensing
    4. Total monitoring and control of the end-to-end temperature
    5. Strategic solutions, scenario analysis, and better network design
    6. Quicker decision-making ability
    Warehousing can sometimes be trickier than it is perceived; it is why Bravo Logistics can offer expert solutions where we have impeccable knowledge and experience in offering the best practices. With our top solutions, client’s stay-ahead in the market competition and grow their business exponentially. 

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